Tiffany Lunn is also available to support you in any music production that you require for your projects.

Please contact us if you require music composing and producing for any projects such as : -

 Company On-Hold Music, TV and Radio advertising music & jingles, TV program backing music, Film soundtrack music,

TV theme tunes, Computer Game Music, Corporate Video Backing Tracks etc.

To discuss your projects and music requirements please contact us.


On Hold Music

On hold music is readily available, usually you will spend ages going through their numerous boring tracks to find one that suits, they have quantity but they are often tedious for your customers.

Tiffany uses music from the albums she sells worldwide so you can ensure the quality, you can choose any track from her three albums as your music then let us add your message and convert it to the format that you require.

The following two samples are extracts from the music used by One-Sure Insurance, as with these your company message can also be merged in by us.



Gallactic Hymn / One-Sure Message 


Frightmare Halloween Track / One-sure Message





Computer Game Music

Balltastic - Children's computer game, produced by Australian software company Brightneon, and distributed by Manaccom.

This was completed in 2002. The following background music consist of a different theme for each game level.


Coral Reef   Desert   Forest  Sky Snow   Volcano






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